Occupy Everywhere

Tyler Holbert

Occupy Wall Street protestors are now being listed as Domestic Terrorists as of December 5, 2011. The groups that are also placed on this list include Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Well we all know that Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization but now protesters are being considered Terrorist? It’s
true that protesters can get rowdy, but being considered terrorist it is just pointless.

There’s a difference between the protesters and the terrorist. Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group that causes violence and kills innocent people. The protesters are holding signs, camping out and doing what they can to prove a point and show the society what they stand for, without really using violence. I question why they are now on a list with terrorist organizations. I think this is crazy, and a little extreme.

When you are placed on the list for terrorism and known as terrorist it mean you have caused trouble and made violence and have hurt/injured innocent people. It’s true that the protesters have caused trouble by blocking off ports, but how can the government call that terrorism? I do agree why the government is taking action but to list a group of civilians as terrorist is outrageous.

The United States has begun a deployment of 20,000 troops in the United States to deal with the civil unrest terror attacks and economic collapse. That has been occurring over the past month such as the terminals being blacked in Portland causing $400-10,000$ dollars in losses to companies such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear because of their shipments not coming in. Steps should be taken to prevent the protesters from causing trouble, but they are far from terrorist, and it is unfair to call them such.