Clubs are influential

By: Anna Tomlinson
News Editor
Through activities, students have the opportunity to be involved and to shape our community, becomimg educated leaders of tomorrow. As a former member of DECA, Knowledge Bowl, and drop-in volunteer of Key Club, I believe the best lessons are learned outside the classroom.

Originally joining DECA for its relation to a Marketing class I took, DECA ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. Transferring as a freshman, not knowing a soul, DECA allowed me to make stable friends who were positive influences. From there, I joined Knowledge Bowl, where all the facts I was told were ‘fun’ facts in class, got put to use. The socialization that took place during competitions changed my rival views of other schools into friendly ones, and brought out a healthy competitive spirit inside of me.

While my volunteering with Key Club was minimal, the experiences have influenced me greatly. After helping out in a Sifton Elementary classroom, I found deeper enjoyment in helping others which led to donating my time at Fish in Downtown Vancouver. The Fish organization has been wonderful for our community, lending a helping hand for anyone who may be in need of it.
Through the variety of clubs I have had the opportunity to be a part of over the last four years, I feel my understanding of the world around me has blossomed, and the learning opportunities have been something I can apply in every aspect.