by Jay Ulrich and Cassidy Lucas

One thing is for sure, the world would be perfectly fine without snow. We don’t need snow here in America and we certainly do not need it in Vancouver. Consider the possibilities without it; we would have no black outs, no ice, no frozen cars and no cold, wet, feet. As you can tell, I absolutely hate snow. Bah-humbug! Even as a kid I didn’t particularly like the idea of being ice cold in the snow. Not to say I don’t like colder weather, because I very much do (living in Washington obviously), but when it drops below thirty-two degrees and the snow sticks to my feet, I can do without it. Snow causes all sorts of problems and you don’t always hear good things about snow.

The only positive thing I can think of is snow days, but too many snow days add up and then we have to push back summer for each day we miss. I would much rather have summer vacation days than miss a few days in the winter stuck indoors. Snow can have a profound effect on the world outside of school. For example, we all are in danger of hazardous road conditions. As teenagers and new drivers, that can lead to fatal accidents on the road. The ice creates less friction on our tires, giving us a worse chance at staying on the road and off the median. Black ice is very dangerous and it is smart to just stay at home when it’s present. People can lose electricity and heat because of the icy little devil.

Washington is not the warmest state in the country and we can get some pretty serious snow in the right conditions. Even though it doesn’t happen every year in Vancouver, I could go without it in general. With all these dangers, we can be in some trouble when we try and confront it. Why would we want to put ourselves in any sort of danger when it comes to simple tasks like going to get the mail, going to work, going to school, or staying home in a snow storm. No good comes from snow. I could live a happy life knowing that snow is far away from me and away from Vancouver. At the very least, it can stay up in the mountains so the snowboarders can have their fun but down in the city or even the suburbs, it can stay away for good. I would say, snow-stay out of Vancouver and go somewhere else. I want to stay warm and dry inside and be able to enjoy my summer on time without your hormonal tendencies messing around with the school schedule. To anyone who ‘loves’ snow, I heard Canada’s a good place for people like you.

Image by Sierra Lake

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I’m just going to start this off by saying that I completely and utterly love snow. There’s something about it that’s so welcoming. I love lying on the couch, snuggled up in a cozy blanket, reading a novel, sipping on my coffee, and looking out my window at the white flakes falling gracefully from the sky. It brings a whole new definition of peace for me. I, being a complete and total lover of cold, wet, rainy, windy weather, mean that it’s pretty much only natural for me to adore the snow. I guess everything about it pulls me in. My favorite memories from early childhood somehow have snow incorporated somewhere in them. Snow brings me immense joy. When it snows, it seems as if the entire community just slows down and for the most part, there’s peace.

As Miss Ulrich has pointed out snow can have its dangers, “Why would we want to put ourselves in any sort of danger when it comes to simple tasks like going to get the mail, going to work or school, or staying home in a snow storm.” But who are we kidding? There’s danger everywhere. You could get hit by a car while walking out to check the mail, get in as serious car crash on your way to the grocery store, school, or work. Pretty much you are in danger at all times, you can’t live in a safety bubble. Life’s dangerous and the thrill of life is experiencing life to your highest potential, how are you allowing yourself to do that when you stay cooped up in your house for fear of the snow? You can’t.

Snow is beautiful, it’s one of the few things nature provides that makes me take a break from reality and gives me a sense of euphoria. There’s something about lying in a field covered with snow in complete solitude and creating snow angels or walking down the streets of Downtown Portland and watching as the snow lightly falls to the ground. When I think snow I think snow angels, snow men, and snow ball fights. Who doesn’t love those three things? Crazy people, that’s who!

It gives everyone the excuse to be a child again. I’ll always remember my first snowman, first snow ball fight, and first snow angel. I completely and wholly love the snow and everything it has to offer the world. I think that people need to take a step back and see snow for its beauty opposed to the negative it can bring. Pessimism is never beneficial, nor is negativity. Snow’s great, and I believe that everyone should just admit it.