Shrub of Death

by Mathew Fry

We have a lot of kids here at this school, and the fact the many of them can make it to school is a little surprising these days, considering the death bush!

This bush has been there for a long time now, and over the years it has been growing. It is getting to that point where kids have to walk around it because it comes right up to the street. This makes students walk in the road with cars. Some drivers do stop or slow down to people that are walking past it. Some drivers try to squeeze between student pedestrians and oncoming traffic!

To my knowledge, nothing tragic has happened yet at this spot, but one of these days…. Maybe someone needs to run home real fast and they don’t pay attention to the bush, someone steps out walking toward the school. They have no time to react to anything! That person gets hit!

[singlepic id=127 w=320 h=240 float=right]What if you knew that person? What if was one of your friends? Maybe a family member picking you up… We should do something about that bush. And I don’t mean cut it down, unless we really have too! First things first; It’s owned by someone else and they have a right to their privacy. Or maybe they just don’ t realize that it is getting in the way of many kids. But if we could talk to them about trimming it back so it’s not so big and full. It can save a life one day.

Maybe the person doesn’t want his bush there! Maybe they’re just waiting for help to tear it out? We have a side walk before the bush, but it ends right before the bush starts! Let’s make something happen here, Heritage-we don’t want any friends or family hurt because of a shrub!