REPLACED by Alicia Pfaff

Image courtesy Jessi Proulx

We had matching lockets,

Gold with engraved words,

Best Friends on the front.

The day we met


Engraved on the back.

Inside a photo

The first memory

 Of us

At the Carnival

Your arm wrapped around

My waist, my arm

Around your shoulders.

We were smiling

We were laughing

We were holding up cotton candy.

We were

Having as much fun as possible.

We were

How we used to be

Before you replaced



You’ve gone out and found

A new Best Friend

You’ve never

Seen my tears.


I’m another person in

The halls,

Your eyes

They graze me,

But there’s no spark of interest in them.


Your eyes

Just utter blankness.

I see your hand touch a silver chain

Hanging  around the base of your throat.


There’s a new trinket

A humming bird

Taking nectar from

A rose.