Mr. Heritage

Winner Kevin Wiggins poses with runners-up Cherno Sowe, Ronnie Hester, and fellow Mr. Heritage competitors, along with event hosts Kristine Madsen and Erin Roetker of FBLA.

By: Justine Schoolfield
Circulation Manager

On Wednesday, April 25 2012, the 13th annual Mr. Heritage was put on by our very own FBLA. The show was hosted by seniors Erin Roetker and Kristine Madsen. They provided jokes and facts to keep the crowd entertained while the show was waiting to start. Six contestants participated in the show. Seniors Houston Dillard, Zachary Hall, Cherno Sowe, and Kevin Wiggins, junior Gabe Morales and freshman Ronnie Hester. The boys showed us their sports wear, beach wear, talent, formal wear and followed up with answers from a short Q and A. Taking home the crown was senior Kevin Wiggins.