Knowledge Bowl takes third

Knowledge bowl team

Erin Roetker

Believe the rumors. It is true that Knowledge Bowl has recently taken third place at regional’s in Longview. The competitions consist of teams completing three rounds, two oral and one written. There are sixty total questions in the oral round and the teams have to buzz in to answer. Imagine that pressure. The team has had their ups and downs throughout the year during competitions but there is no doubt that practices have been successful.

“We are strong like a covalent bond.” Said Elizabeth Pring. The team is constantly having positive practices while enjoying each others company, displaying their knowledge but most importantly the candy the Mr. Messer provides. Mr. Messer is not forgiven when he forgets the candy. It is a big deal. Practice usually consists of (besides the candy) the students quizzing each other on facts from a packet of relevant information. Mr. Messer has done a tremendous job taking on the lead role with this group. “As a first year Knowledge Bowl advisor, it has been an honor and a pleasure to get to know and work with these students.

I admire them for their resilience and camaraderie, and for keeping it fun and positive-even at the expense of victory.” Mr. Messer stated. Congratulations Knowledge Bowl for your high achievements and keep up the hard work.