POTTERY, UNCHAINED by Julia Garcia & Amber Poer

200 students submitted to the SW Washington art show; only twelve went to the state competition. Leila Stutesman was among them. She has two pottery pieces; required by the show she puts them up for sale, Taking pride in them she comments that “she’s greedy about her pots” because she would rather keep them than sell them.

Leila started pottery her sophomore year and couldn’t get enough and has taken six other pottery classes since. She plans to continue at Clark next year; although, making a career out of pottery is not Leila’s idea of a future job. She does it for fun and her enjoyment of the beautiful pieces she creates. “It makes me feel like I can express myself fully through pottery.”

Not only is she passionate about pottery but also bowling and softball thanks to her father; Ron Stutesman, who has been her mentor and coach ever since she was 7 years old playing T-ball for Evergreen Little League. Bowling was Leila’s idea after a friend convinced her to join; all that was next was buying a new ball, and taking to the lanes for some practice.Through her determination and hard work going every Saturday to junior’s league at Allen’s Crosley lanes. Practicing with her father Leila has mastered a sport she never thought she’d play.

“I feel proud to be on first team all-league because I earned it” as she talks about being first time all-league for both bowling and softball; which is rewarded to student athletes that are chosen by the coaches in the district for their outstanding performance. She also received the highest bowling average of the year with a score of 186 at Heritage. When asked what sport she favorite most Leila responded with softball because it has been the constant sport throughout her life that makes her happy and the fact she’s really good at it, makes it a plus.

When asked how she balanced sports and school, she responded with “I go home right after school and do my homework” so that she is able to keep up her 3.8 GPA. Being able to balance both her school life and after school life is very important to her. When she’s not practicing sports or creating a new pot, Leila likes to spend her time with friends and family.