The Kingdom of Blackspire is the local division of Ampt Guard—comprised of roughly twenty adventurers (including HHS students Zachary Hines and Harrison Bardwell) that meet weekly at Orchards Park. They come armed with their own foam weapons and amazing imaginations to try to overthrow Clayton, a sixteen-year-old Champion Over All.

LARPing began around 1970, and was inspired by tabletop live action games and other fantasy-genre fiction. For an hour or two people get to be somebody else, doing stuff that they usually wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do. Most of the weapons are made by the LARPers themselves and are recognizable as daggers, swords, shields and arrows…though made reasonably harmless by foam padding. LARPing is a sport that brings people together, it helps them learn skills like problem solving, memorization (spells), team building, physical development, leadership, self motivation, creative and quick thinking.