WHAT I LIVE FOR by Tessa Liebman


There was nothing I craved more than that feeling of freedom. That feeling of letting loose and being able to fly. Two beings moving together as one. Covering ground so fast that it was just a blur. Wind in my face, making my hair fly back in a crazy tangle of curls, soaked with the raindrops that were still falling. That feeling, adrenaline pumping through my veins, this is what I live for; paired with the feeling of my horse’s muscles stretching beneath me. Being careless with him was always my biggest mistake. No saddle and no bridle, my means of control, just leaving them behind to truly be free. Even on the days when I could feel he had built up energy he just wanted to release, the days when he would be especially hard to get to listen to my cues. But being careless like that? That was my favorite thing. Taking the extra risks, getting that even higher adrenaline rush, nothing beats that feeling for me. Drugs never were and never would be my kind of thing. I had seen too many lives ruined. Riding was my escape from all of that. And adrenaline was my kind of drug. It was my want… my need for that adrenaline; that rush, that made everything come crashing down on top of me.

–      Words & Photo by  Tessa Liebman