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For years the gaming community has enjoyed the constant feed of new games with better graphics or that new map. It just seems like there is always something completely new in the next game that the previous games don’t have. Or the online games that constantly updates and upgrades the content, adding more to it, or making it more extravagant. But then there comes the question, how much stuff is too much stuff? Or by adding more and more are you burning out the players who have been loyal fans for years? Say a new map came in that is just like the old ones, except with a darker filter. Why would that interest me anymore than the previous one? Or there has been ten new bosses added through a patch. There will always be that one game that really captured our hearts or our imagination, but after playing it over and over it just makes you feel burned out of the game and as though the things that were challenging before are now routine.


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To me games seem to get boring when you have lost any interest in the game and or finished the game so many times that playing it again could be done via muscle memory. If there is no challenge left in the game and or any goals to get you motivated to play the game again. Then there is always the possibility of being burned out from the game completely. The best example I have of this is WoW or more commonly known as World of Warcraft. I have played this game for years and it has seemingly lost its luster in the past recent expansions and add-ons. It seems as though playing is nothing but a grind to get to the max level and then from there to beat the highest boss. But what do you do after you’ve beaten the highest possible boss fifty plus times? The game becomes nothing more than a numbers game at that point. Always trying to get ahead of your friends highest score. But what if you have no friends who play the game? You would have no ties into the game and thus no further interest.

What about that new game that just came out that you’ve waited up all night for and finally finished your download or just got back from the store and rush to your console to play it for the first time? You are so captivated by the new game and enjoy it so much. But when does that game lose its luster? It seems to me like the games stop being as interesting when the next one comes out and you simply want the next one because it is the newest version of the game that captured your entertainment so long ago. You could say that the fans and customers are more important to the gaming community than the stockholders themselves, and by losing our interest in the games they produce they are directly losing profit that could be made. Within recent years video games have become a huge market, nearly topping the gross sales of top box office moviesNerd Culture WoW

One of the things people seem to forget is that a video game is entertaining, but it is supposed to be perceived as a piece of art, not a source of entertainment. If you truly think about it, what you are looking at when you’re playing a video game is someone’s 3D art which has been turned into something much more and is perceived as entertainment. So we as human beings seem to get tired of video games after we have gotten use to them and don’t appreciate it as art anymore and only seek entertainment from them. Once it becomes familiar and there is nothing new left to discover it is only a matter of time before it becomes boring, it is all based on perception.

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