The next time you’re on Facebook, whether you’re seeing who your ex is dating or starting a comment war, take a second to like one of the Heritage Facebook pages, such as the yearbook, senior, ASB, sports, multicultural club, HOWL, or just the Heritage High School Page. There’s even a page for this newspaper! Of the endless reasons to like one of the pages, here are just a few:

  1. Learn the latest news about Heritage sports and events from the Heritage page
  2. See great photographs and paintings on the HOWL art page by fellow students
  3. Participate in polls to have your say in matters involving school, or have one of your comments featured in the Howler!
  4. Find new people from Heritage to add and talk to!
  5. Be connected with the clubs and sports you’re in with the many HHS club and sports pages

By liking these pages, you’ll be up to date on Heritage news, see great art, and participate in your school. Why not like these pages today?