There have always been doomsday predictions – 32 since 1990. What make this one so different? People have been predicting the end of the world since 634 BC. There is some major evidence that this December 21st Doomsday ain’t happenin’ either. According to NASA, the first prediction of the rogue planet “Niburu”  was headed toward Earth set the impact date for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar and the winter solstice. According to scientists, if it was going to happen it would be visible to the naked eye by now; it just ends on that day just as any modern calendar has in end date but resets. So, for example, when we get to December 31st and then we turn over to January 1st, we start the cycle over. Mayan scholars and scientists who have studied it for years have found more calendars that go longer than 2012. It is just a symbolic end of the cycle.

Another claim is that the North and South poles will switch, which is happening but it is to slow to affect us in any negative ways. Lastly, there is a claim that giant solar flares from the storm predicted in the time frame of 2012-2014, but it is not going to be an above-average storm. It is expected to be average and not cause too much damage.

Why have we human made so many predictions?  We’ve always wanted to know the future.  According to, ‘One theory is that such precise predictions feed the human desire to know the unknown. It could simply be a way of trying to explain the world around us, or to give us hope’, says DiTommaso, ‘Within its limitations, Apocalyptism is very rational. It’s a world view that explains time, space, and human existence. It’s not science – it’s not universal or repeatable – but it does explain things.’ DiTommaso also says that sociological studies have shown that people who tend to enjoy an apocalyptic world view also seem to be the kinds of people who seek out explanations of the world. ‘They tend to be quite intelligent compared with the general population but they are looking for answers for how life is the way it is, and whether there is a purpose’. So just remember, according to NASA and most Mayan scholars, that 2012 is NOT doomsday and is just another day and the end of the calendar in a different region; be careful not to believe everything you read on the internet!  (Except this).


Written by Jeremy Hess