Artist of the issue: Jordan Ulrich

By: Ashley Davis
Opinion Editor

Jordan Ulrich, also known as Jay, is a junior and it is very likely that you have seen some of the videos she has either filmed or edited right here at school. Ulrich has taken nearly every class related to video and photography. Currently she is the only Heritage student in Video 6, meaning she has taken every video course she could get her hands on. She has also taken Photo 1 and skipped Photo 2 to head straight into AP Photography.

Currently she is in Multimedia, Video 6 and AP Photo. Ulrich is actively involved in every aspect of video production. She writes scripts, films, and edits. Her favorite aspect of video and what she considers her most specialized area would be the editing and cinematography aspect. Ulrich says, “When making a video I am very technical.” Whether the artistic effects go in with editing or with angles and lighting right when being shot, she always puts her own touch into her videos.

Ulrich was not a huge fan of photography when she first explored it, but when she entered Mr. Strong’s Photo 1 class, she saw it in a whole new way, “because he was a really great teacher.” So now Ulrich uses the skills she learns in Photography and applies it to video, and vice versa.

She plans to continue taking video and photography classes and plans on pursuing video making and photography as a career. She says, “Next year I’m going to Full Sail University to get my bachelors in science.” Ulrich is currently working on her own independent film called Guru. Auditions for the film were held in Mr. Strong’s room on March 9.

She explains why she is so passionate about creating stories through video and photography; she says, “Making movies is an escape from real life. You can make your own reality.” We are sure to see much more from Ulrich as she continues pursuing her passion and making art.