EMPIRE BUILDERS by Dmitry Ivanchuk

Capitol Building

On February 5th Heritage High School HOSA and DECA as well as other clubs from high schools in the Evergreen School District attended CTSO day. CTSO day gave High School Students the opportunity to meet with their local representatives and legislators, to discuss important factors that affect the availability, and value of clubs and Career and Technical Education classes in high schools across the State of Washington.

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POETRY OUT LOUD by Savannah Briley

On January 17th, representatives from all English classes competed in Poetry Out Loud. Poems were not judged on the writing, but on the overall performance. Teachers chose poems for students to read, and in the end, Alyssa Ferguson won Heritage High School’s 2nd Annual Poetry Out Loud Competition.

VIDEO by  Savannah Briley

LUNCH ROOM by Gage Thomas


Lunch is always a difficult time for me.

Almost every day after fourth period I head down to the Den and grab a bite. I wait in the line to get my food and then pay for it, you know, the things normal people do. Once I leave the line, it becomes an uncomfortable expedition for a lunch table.

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Rachael Kramer


This is  inescapable pain. This pain burns. It  freezes you in your tracks. This pain is a cold that somehow burns, singes hair on the back of your neck. It is never a sudden feeling, but it grows. It starts at your skin and works its way to your core. You feel its pressure rising and expanding in your chest,  in deep gasps for air, but you can’t control it.

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