Rachael Kramer


This is  inescapable pain. This pain burns. It  freezes you in your tracks. This pain is a cold that somehow burns, singes hair on the back of your neck. It is never a sudden feeling, but it grows. It starts at your skin and works its way to your core. You feel its pressure rising and expanding in your chest,  in deep gasps for air, but you can’t control it.

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SKIDS by Dmitry Ivanchuk


On Wednesday, September 18th, the DECA and P2AC clubs successfully organized and presented the SKIDs program to the juniors and seniors of HHS. SKIDs stands for  Stop Kids Intoxicated Driving. This assembly  re-enacted a drunk driving accident on the athletic fields with real police, emergency vehicles and a life flight helicopter. The accident might have been staged, but the emotions were real.


Incredible results from the district art show.

Heritage brings back SEVEN of the district’s total 16 CREATIVE AWARDS!


Plus the districts SUPERINTENDENT’S AWARD!

Plus the OSPI AWARD!

I’m serious.  We CLEANED UP.

We are officially an ARTS POWERHOUSE!

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“Welcome to the World Forestry Center,” the man at the front counter says, greeting our class. “Are you looking for a group discount?”
The class of financially-strapped scholars answers in unison with a resounding “Yes!”
We get a whopping $1.40 off.

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The forestry guide leads our class to a theater room for a presentation on the importance of trees. Everyone picked at their brains for the answers to environmental questions that we knew we should recall after countless lectures.
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ISOLATION by Jessica Proulx

She turns up the volume on her phone as we trudge our way down to the creek. We climb the gate, trying NOT to rip our pants. The cool sticky air, something Abbey Bratcher might not be used to quite yet, surrounds us.

We stop to talk to a few of her friends—Llamas that she named after her favorite One Direction members, Zayn and Harry. We soon reach the bridge that connects two large pieces of her land. They’re all hers for her to explore, to go on adventures. She drags her boots through the mud and I follow close behind. She unclips the bag slung around her shoulder, pulls out her Nikon, switches lenses, and points to shoot.
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Once we’re back to her house, right up the street from the creek, first things first: she uploads her photos to Tumblr. She ignores the fact that “school” is open in another tab on her laptop—Abbey takes all her high school classes online, and has a lot of freedom in when she works, if at all. She does school when she wants. Read more


March 14 (3/14) is Pi Day, a celebration of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter — one of the most beautiful and confounding numbers in mathematics. It’s technically written as 3.14159, or 3.14 for short, but Pi is an “irrational and transcendental number” whose decimals “continue infinitely without repetition or pattern,” according to PiDay.org, the holiday’s official website.

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/03/14/happy-pi-day-heres-some-of-the-wackiest-celebrations-around-the-world/#ixzz2NXeeJzUa